Financing Patents for a pre-Angel or pre-Seed Startup

Getting a patent before funding is a “chicken and egg” problem that BlueIronIP can solve.

As a budding entrepreneur, you need patent protection before talking about your ideas – but you need to talk about your ideas to raise money.

At the pre-Angel or pre-seed stage, a company typically has very little capital, so BlueIronIP can finance your first level of patent protection for a small monthly payment. These payments may be less than a lease on a modest car. BlueIronIP will help protect your initial product, plus a product roadmap for the next several generations of product. This gives you solid protection when you begin pitching their ideas to investors, customers, or other people.

Startups that can say “this is protected by patents” have a much higher level of credibility than saying “I need funding to get the patent”. It shows that you have thought about (and taken action) to protect your ideas, plus it gives investors a much higher level of confidence in you and your business.

Startups that can boldly say “BlueIronIP has protected these ideas” gets an even higher level of credibility. BlueIron’s market research, patent landscaping, prior art searches, and other due diligence will show that BlueIron believes in your invention and is risking its capital alongside the entrepreneur and investor. This level of due diligence gives the investors comfort that there is promise in the invention.

Your ability to raise capital will be much easier with a professionally curated, professionally managed patent portfolio. You can ask for better terms because you have taken a big risk off the table – and created an asset that will dramatically add to your company’s valuation.

You will be using your capital wisely. Because you can use your inventions as collateral, you can spend your precious cash on building prototypes, marketing, sales, distribution, support…all the things that you need to do.

Please contact us at info@blueironip.com, and we will be happy to discuss your situation in more detail.