Angel Funding Through BlueIron

BlueIron acts as an angel investor, co-investing in your company. The big difference: BlueIron does not dilute your shares.

BlueIron invests, on average, $40,000 for each patent your company has. If you do 5 patents, BlueIron will invest about $200,000. If you have 10 patents, BlueIron invests about $400,000.

BlueIron’s investment goes into assets that you control. You get all of the business value from the patents: you can keep competitors out of your marketplace, you can do outbound licensing, and you can show the assets to investors.

Your leverage is that you get a tremendous amount of business value in controlling the assets without having to pay full price for the assets. This is similar to renting office space rather than buying the office building, as well as renting computer assets that are professionally managed by Amazon, Rackspace, or others. With the leverage, you get the upside potential of your business ideas with a minimum of capital expense.

BlueIron frees up your capital to do other things, like prototype and build products, marketing and sales, delivery and support. By using your capital more efficiently, you have higher returns for you and your investors at least risk, too.