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How Much Does A Patent Cost?

Updated 23 July 2023 The average cost of a utility patent in the US is over $50,000. This is just the cost to file a utility patent application and the patent examination process. It does not cover the cost of enforcing your patent, which can be in the millions. All patent owners should have patent…

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Types of Patents

What are the different types of patents? Patents have been the bedrock of innovation, powering the innovations of our early republic, through the Industrial Revolution and patents continue to play a big role in today’s technology improvements. Over 10,000,000 patents have been issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and over 400,000 are…

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How long do patents last?

Updated 19 July 2021. How long do US patents last? Different types of patents have different lifespans.  All of the answers below are for United States (US) patents. When most people think of patents, they are thinking of utility patents. There are other types of patents, such as design patents and plant patents. Some countries,…

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