What risk is BlueIron taking when financing a patent?

BlueIron is taking several risks when financing a patent.

BlueIron is taking the risk that the patent will even issue.

BlueIron is making an investment in researching the invention, writing the patent, and getting the patent through the patent office.  If BlueIron fails to get a patent, you can walk away from the deal at any time, and BlueIron loses its investment.

BlueIron is taking the risk that the patent will have value.

BlueIron is also assuming the risk that the patent will be valuable.  If you walk away from the deal, BlueIron is left holding the patent and will need to liquidate the patent.  We will probably try to sell the asset to someone in the field, auction off the asset, or try to find someone who might license the asset.

Why is it important that BlueIron assume these risks?

As a company who has intellectual property, you need to rely on those assets when you are making business decisions.  A conventional patent attorney cannot really tell you the truth about your patents.  They have an inherent conflict of interest: don’t ask the barber if you need a haircut.

By taking ownership of the patents and leasing them back, BlueIron has the exact same interest as you do: solid, investment-grade patents.

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