What is included in a patent loan?

A patent loan will come with several other components, including insurance for patent enforcement and patent defense. Because a patent loan is specifically designed to help you expand your business, we want you to focus on generating revenue, not litigation. Therefore, we require that you maintain at least $2,000,000 in patent enforcement insurance and patent…

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What are the requirements for a patent loan?

The patent loan program requires several items about your patents and your business plan.  This is not a complete list. 100% ownership of your patents. Your patents must be completely unencumbered and must be owned by the operating company.  Some investors will attach liens to intellectual property, which is a non-starter.  In many cases, the…

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How does the patent loan program work?

We provide an insurance policy that will guarantee a lender (typically a bank) using the patents as collateral. The Collateral Protection Insurance product is similar to mortgage insurance, where the bank has protection if there is a default on the loan. The CPI product requires investment-grade patents and a solid business plan.  The patents must…

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