Build Your Portfolio

With BlueIron's Financing

Getting your first (or 10th) patent is a huge accomplishment.

It shows the value of your ideas - and your contribution to society as a whole.

One patent is a lone hyena: easily scared away.


A patent portfolio is a pack of hyenas: menacing and forceful.

A portfolio gives you a much bigger competitive edge than that lone patent standing in the wilderness.

All sophisticated patent owners build their portfolios this way - from big multinationals to the most innovative startups.

The smartest inventors know that their ideas are not one-dimensional - and they have many more inventions.

Accelerate Your Patents with BlueIron

Build bigger, more effective patent portfolios with BlueIron's patent portfolio financing

We finance the cost of building your portfolio, paying all your filing fees and attorney's fees.

As the portfolio grows, we can loan against the portfolio - typically $2-5M loans.

Brand new armature. Reinforcements steel bars stack. Close up steel construction armature.

Put Your Patents To Work

Don't let your patent portfolio be just a bunch of expensive plaques.

Use the assets you already have to:

  • finance a bigger patent portfolio
  • enforce your patents or defend against litigation
  • collateralize loans of $2-5M

Your patents were expensive and hard-won. Put them to use.

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