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Building your patent portfolio? Learn how financing puts skin in the game.

When BlueIron finances your patents, we have skin in the game – so we can only finance patents that have value. Want to know if your IP is valuable enough for financing?

What to expect on a first call:

During our call, I want to learn more about your business, your customers, and the problems you are solving. I also want to know what you have done so far to get IP protection. If you have a pitch deck, website, brochure, or any other public information about your business, please send it ahead of time.

I will be happy to explain how “patent financing” works and answer any questions you might have.

Hopefully, we can look at the IP you already have, as well as a pitch deck, website, or any other information you have about your business. Please send this information ahead of time and make our time more productive.

The first call is usually scheduled for 30 minutes, but can run over if we get in the groove. I typically don’t schedule calls back to back just in case.

Our requirements for IP-backed loans:

  • Annual revenue of at least $1M.
  • US-based company.
  • Issued patents, which can be infringed by others.
  • Clear path to profitability.
  • We do NOT require VC funding or current profitability.

Schedule a 30 min call – here’s my calendar. I look forward to chatting with you.