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I Do Not Want a Patent I Do Not Deserve

I do not want an entrepreneur to bet the farm on a patent that has no value. It is really tempting to think that you can get an enormously valuable patent.  Then you can dominate some big market and get paid handsomely. Entrepreneurs are fond of saying that their patents are “broad,” and investors desperately…

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How to Spot Bad Patents

Investment-Grade Patents represent only a small sliver of the patent universe. Their value comes from a huge amount of research and thought. However, bad patents are easy to spot. These less-than-optimal patents have certain characteristics that can easily be identified by anyone: the inventor, the investor, or anyone in litigation.  Use this as a first…

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IP Due Diligence in Two Questions

There are two questions to ask every time you are dealing with patents: Can you tell if someone infringes? How hard is it to design around your patent? With these two questions, you are 90% of the way there on IP due diligence. Here is my presentation to Band of Angels in October, 2020.

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How to Find a Realistic Patent Value

A realistic patent value can be determined using many of the same techniques used to value businesses. However, it all depends on whether someone is actively copying your invention. Patent value is tricky Use standard business valuation techniques to value patents Pricing patents using Options Pricing techniques Special cases where patent value is huge What…

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1% Patent – 99% Execution

Note: this is an excerpt from my forthcoming book “Startup IP Strategy.” As we all know, business is usually 10% idea and 90% execution.  The successful companies rarely have the single best product on the market, but they do have successful execution. Startup companies – and any business with a new product – spend more…

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