How to Finance Getting a Patent?

You can get financing for your patent through BlueIron before you raise money.

Entrepreneurs are caught between a rock and a hard place: they need money to get proper patent protection, but they need patent protection to start raising money. What do you do?

BlueIronIP finances getting your patent – while you are raising money.

BlueIronIP will bridge a financing round, giving you the best patent protection possible while you are seeking funding, then you can pay BlueIron. Depending on your business plan, your experience, and the technology, BlueIronIP will finance your patents for 6-12 months during fund raising, and you can use the money you raise to pay for the patents. Typically, the entrepreneur will pay a small amount, maybe $200, each month while raising money, pay a catch up payment at the financing event, then continue with the normal BlueIronIP financing rates after they have cash in the bank.

This arrangement allows the entrepreneur to avoid having to file provisional patent applications, while getting very good patent protection. As with all engagements, BlueIronIP does a complete and thorough due diligence process for patents. BlueIronIP evaluates the competitive landscape, the company’s product roadmaps, competitor’s product lines, potential licensing options, as well as general patentability to determine whether or not to invest in a particular deal.

BlueIronIP works with you to determine the best patent protection for your business. When BlueIronIP is satisfied that your invention has solid commercial merit, we make the investment and get patent protection for you. You can take our due diligence reports to your investors when raising capital, and the solid protection BlueIronIP provides will make raising money easier and give you better terms than if you merely had a provisional patent application.