Only 5% of patents result in growth for their owners.

How do you know if yours is one of them?

Good patents are expensive - but bad ones cost even more.

You know you've got a great idea - and those ideas need protection - but patents are expensive.  And your investors need to see returns.

BlueIron finances new and pending patents using the IP as collateral.

Our Process

Schedule your first phone call with us to discuss your business.

We'll finance your existing and future patents.

We'll help you build a portfolio of Investment-Grade patents.

Gain confidence that your startup will be worth more - and that you will be able to defend it.

We have skin in the game.

When we provide financing, the value of your IP is your only collateral. That means we're as invested in your patents as you are. So you're getting much more than financing; you're getting the expert advice you need to have the strongest patents possible.

How It Works

We pay all of your patent costs, including attorney's fees and filing fees, allowing you to focus your capital on the rest of your startup. You don't have to take the risk of your patent even getting through the Patent Office - we will. And you don't have to worry that your patent is worthless - we'll insure it.

You pay for the patent only when the patent issues.


Why use BlueIron's patent financing?

You know you have good ideas, and that your startup needs to protect them. But filing a patent is expensive, and never guarantees that you'll ever see a return on that investment.

BlueIron is different. We put our money where our mouth is by investing in your ideas. Unlike conventional patent attorneys, we're not just looking to spin out another patent and collect payment. We're looking to come alongside you and make your patents the best they can be.

This unique model means we don't take on just anyone; we only do patents that have real commercial value. That also means you'll always get the honest truth from us.

You can learn more about BlueIron's methodology in founder Russ Krajec's book, "Investing In Patents."

What You Get

  • $500,000 of patent enforcement insurance, paid for by BlueIron.
  • Flexibility to use your cash to build your business, not pay patent attorneys.
  • Expert advice using BlueIron's world-class IP experience.
  • Confidence that every patent will be Investment Grade.
  • Assurance for your investors that the IP is professionally managed and commercially valuable.
  • BlueIron's skin in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Partner with someone who's invested in your success.

Your patents only have value if you are successful in bringing a profitable product to market. If the product fails in the marketplace, the patents are likely worthless.

Since that is our only collateral, we're literally in the business of making your startup successful. BlueIron’s interests are perfectly aligned with yours.