About Us

BlueIron was created to address the needs of startups


“Wow. You really made this startup-friendly!”


BlueIron was formed to address the need of startups and small companies who often (1) have lots of ideas but (2) don’t have enough money to protect their ideas adequately.

Our founder, Russ Krajec, was an accomplished engineer and inventor in several industries, ranging from consumer products to aerospace and high volume computer peripherals. After receiving terrible advice (and a very large bill) from a local patent attorney,
Russ took the patent bar exam and practiced as a patent agent for several years, learning the trade. Russ entered law school and became a patent attorney, opening his solo practice in 2003.  In his solo practice, Russ worked for independent inventors, startups, and large multinational corporations.

Russ served as COO and Chief IP Counsel of Concurix Corporation, a venture backed software startup in the Seattle area. At Concurix, Russ curated and managed a patent portfolio of 95 patent families, which he drafted and prosecuted over a two year period.

Russ is a mentor and advisor to several startup companies, and is a mentor for the University of Colorado’s New Venture Challenge, a member of Rockies Venture Club, an advisor at Rocky Mountain Innosphere’s SAGE program and TiE Rockies, and frequent contributor to local meetups along Colorado’s Front Range.

You can contact Russ at russ.krajec@blueironip.com

BlueIron has a distinguished set of advisors from the business and financial sectors, as well as visionary technical leaders.