We pay all your patent costs.

We protect your BUSINESS, not just get you a patent.

We give you advice that you could never get from your patent attorney.
  • We have skin in the game.
  • Our success is based on your success.
  • Our financing program is a non-dilutive investment in your company.

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Investing In Patents

Russ Krajec’s new book on intellectual property from an INVESTOR’s perspective.

  • How to do due diligence on a startup company.
  • How startups use their patent assets.
  • A patent roadmap for startups – the first patent is not the most important one.
  • And much more.

Visit InvestingInPatents.com.

What Do BlueIron Customers Say?

Hear from Thomas Ruge, CEO of Colorado CodeCraft about financing patents through BlueIron.

What is important to Colorado CodeCraft?

  • BlueIron’s incentive is to get the best patent possible.
  • Cashflow management for startups.

We pay all your patent costs.

BlueIron Financing

  • Large portfolios are financed with low monthly payments.
  • Portfolio is curated to your products, your marketplace, and your competitors.

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BlueIron as the Investor’s Partner

  • Greatly enhance chance of success for startup
  • Asset-backed investment with positive rate of return
  • Downside protection

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