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Patent Financing for Startups.

BlueIron invests in startup companies with great IP and great growth potential.

Our investment model: Investment Grade Patents (TM)

What Makes Us Different?

We have skin in the game.

Our success is based on your success.

Our financing program is a non-dilutive investment in your company.

Who Gets Our Investment?

Companies where patents and intellectual property can make a big difference.  Most patents are worthless, but a carefully, intentionally developed patent portfolio can be the difference between controlling your destiny and being another statistic on the entrepreneur highway.

How Much Do We Invest?

Our initial investment is in the $50-100K range, typically for an initial patent or two.  As a company grows, their IP needs grow, and we increase our investment accordingly.

We also provide $2-5M loans using patents as collateral for revenue-generating startups.

Is BlueIron a Good Fit?

The best way to get our attention is through a warm introduction from someone who knows us. Please be prepared to share your pitch deck and issued/published patent applications, and also to talk about your IP protection strategies.  If both of us want to dig in deeper, we are happy to sign an NDA to discuss your inventions in detail.

Patent Insurance.

Why get patents if you cannot enforce them? Think again.

Affordable insurance means you can go after those companies who copy you.

Insurance makes your IP assets valuable because you can enforce them.

Defensive insurance makes sure a lawsuit doesn’t put you out of business.

Patents as Collateral for a Loan.

You have valuable IP assets, so use them to fund your company.

Your patents, trademarks, and even trade secrets can be used as collateral.

BlueIron offers a unique insurance product that insures a bank so that they can loan up to $5M on your existing assets.

Investing In Patents

Russ Krajec’s new book on intellectual property from an INVESTOR’s perspective.

  • How to do due diligence on a startup company.
  • How startups use their patent assets.
  • A patent roadmap for startups – the first patent is not the most important one.
  • And much more.

Visit InvestingInPatents.com.


What Do BlueIron Customers Say?

Hear from Thomas Ruge, CEO of Colorado CodeCraft about financing patents through BlueIron. What is important to Colorado CodeCraft?

  • BlueIron’s incentive is to get the best patent possible.
  • Cashflow management for startups.

BlueIron Financing

Affordable insurance means you can go after those companies who copy you.

Portfolio is curated to your products, your marketplace, and your competitors.

BlueIron as the Investor’s Partner


Greatly enhance chance of success for startup

Asset-backed investment with positive rate of return

Downside protection

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