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Curating Inventions in the Invention Disclosure Meeting – Myopia

Since BlueIron has a vested interest in the quality and economic value of your patents – it is the only collateral that BlueIron uses – we NEED patents to be high quality. The single biggest event that determines commercial value is the invention disclosure meeting. If inventors see their inventions as too small, the resulting…

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Patents Make Your Company More Valuable Going Into Financing Rounds

Good patents make your company much more valuable when raising money. A patent portfolio increases your value when raising money. A strong portfolio sends a signal to investors that you are sophisticated, understand the marketplace, and mean to be a strong competitor in the marketplace. The stronger your patent portfolio, the more of an “unfair…

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Patents Help Sell Your Company

When building a patent portfolio with the intent to sell a company, the main audience is not potential infringers, but the acquiring company. Depending on the situation, the acquiring company may have any of several different reasons for the¬†acquisition. For example, the acquiring company may be looking to add an existing product to its product…

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