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Using Patents as Blackmail

A case study on why you need the right inventors agreements for a startup: a former employee turns patent troll. My company finances patents for small to medium sized companies, so I often get inquires from people who want to build out a patent portfolio.  A while ago, I received a call from an inventor…

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The Light Bulb is the Worst Symbol of Invention

Invention is the heavy lifting of 1000’s of failed experiments, not a grand vision that pops into someone’s head. The light bulb is the universal symbol of “invention.”  It is the worst – and best – example of invention, but not in the way you think it is. Invention has been portrayed in lore as…

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How to Find a Realistic Patent Value

A realistic patent value can be determined using many of the same techniques used to value businesses. However, it all depends on whether someone is actively copying your invention. Patent value is tricky Use standard business valuation techniques to value patents Pricing patents using Options Pricing techniques Special cases where patent value is huge What…

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Exclusive Licenses Can Be More Valuable Than Owning Patents Outright

Own or Rent?  Exclusive Licenses Can Be More Valuable Than Owning Patents Outright. Patents encapsulate the hopes and dreams of a company and many investors, CEOs, and inventors have a negative gut reaction about not “owning” their patents.  For some reason, “owning” their patents is a deeply emotional issue, but it should not be.  Exclusive…

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