Provisional Patents

Should I Get A Patent Before Talking To Customers?

No. As an investor in patents, I am willing to wait for the Second Patent. BTW, if you need to tell someone your invention when you are doing customer discovery, you are doing it wrong. In my business of financing patents for startup companies, I am usually willing to pass on the First Patent for…

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Should I File A Provisional Patent Application?

You should never file a provisional patent application. Ever. In every case, a small company or independent inventor is better off by filing a complete, well-written, non-provisional patent application. One of the biggest hoaxes in the patent community is that provisional patent applications are a good thing. They are not. (You can learn more at…

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Provisional Patent

In almost all circumstances, an entrepreneur or startup company should NOT get a provisional patent application. The main purpose of the provisional patent application is to *delay* the patent process. A delay is very useful for circumstances, such as pharmaceuticals, where most of the value of the patent is at the end of the patent…

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Writing Your Own Patent

Writing your own patent? Do a business plan first. Some inventors write their own patent applications. This can be a very valuable exercise because forcing yourself to put the invention down on paper can help you better understand the invention, as well as think through new versions of the invention. In many cases, these pro…

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How to Finance Getting a Patent?

You can get financing for your patent through BlueIron before you raise money. Entrepreneurs are caught between a rock and a hard place: they need money to get proper patent protection, but they need patent protection to start raising money. What do you do? BlueIronIP finances getting your patent – while you are raising money.…

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Provisional Patent Applications are Always Wrong for Your Business

Provisional patent applications are misunderstood by many inventors, investors, and even patent attorneys. There is a notion that somehow provisional patent applications are good for inventors and startup companies. Let me be clear: there is nothing worse than a provisional patent application from a business standpoint. There is no reason why any inventor/small business should…

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