Getting Patents Fast

USPTO’s Track One vs Patent Prosecution Highway

Why the USPTO’s Track One is the mark of a lazy patent attorney. If your patent attorney is suggesting “Track One” to expedite your patent case – be wary. It is a trap. I would go so far as to say that Track One is the mark of a lazy patent attorney. Let me explain…

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Financing Patents Is Actually CHEAPER Than Paying a Patent Attorney

Financing patents through BlueIron is actually cheaper than paying as you go with a conventional patent attorney. This is because the cost of capital for startup companies is so high. Pepperdine’s business school publishes the annual Private Capital Markets Report, which shows that the average cost of capital for Angel or VC funded companies in…

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How to Finance Getting a Patent?

You can get financing for your patent through BlueIron before you raise money. Entrepreneurs are caught between a rock and a hard place: they need money to get proper patent protection, but they need patent protection to start raising money. What do you do? BlueIronIP finances getting your patent – while you are raising money.…

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What does a good patent application look like?

Good patents are NOT written in “legalese”. I had a telephone interview with a patent examiner a while ago and in the course of the interview, the examiner said that he really liked my patent application because I did not try to hide the ball with the invention. I was originally taught to write patent…

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No Provisional Patent Applications

Provisional patent applications are almost always the wrong thing for your business. As a startup, you need patents as fast as possible, not to delay the patent. With the patent in your hand, you can raise money, stop competitors from taking your market, put up collateral for a loan…you get the picture. BlueIron specializes in…

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