How does the patent loan program work?

We provide an insurance policy that will guarantee a lender (typically a bank) using the patents as collateral.

The Collateral Protection Insurance product is similar to mortgage insurance, where the bank has protection if there is a default on the loan.

The CPI product requires investment-grade patents and a solid business plan.  The patents must be litigation-worthy, but must also capture real economic value.

Your patents and your business plan will undergo a due diligence analysis, where the patents will undergo a “patent busting” search, looking for any weaknesses.  Your business plan will also need to show the use of funds and the way you are going to put the money to use.

As part of the patent loan program, you will get at least $2,000,000 in patent enforcement and patent defense insurance.  We want you to spend the loan proceeds by growing your company and generating revenue – not by litigating the patents in court.

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