Startup Funding: Apply for BlueIron Non-Dilutive Funding

BlueIron provides non-dilutive startup funding.

BlueIron provides $60K or more non-dilutive startup funding for companies with great inventions. Our model is to invest in the full cost of getting patents for a company, including international (PCT) filing and expediting the patent through the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

We fund companies *before* angel or seed investment, as well as before Series A or B.  (We also fund publicly traded companies.)

Each US patent costs, on average, $60K. This cost is completely funded by BlueIron, and we do not take equity in your company. We allow you to pay back the amount over the life of the patent, and you always have the option to buy out the financing.

If you would like to apply for BlueIron funding, please note the following:

1. We only provide startup funding for a small fraction of the inventions we see.
2. Before providing startup funding, we do an extensive due diligence process on the invention.

Our due diligence

Our due diligence process comes in two stages. In the first stage, we look for the economic value of your market and how big will your invention impact that market. We often do some patent searches on different variations of your invention at this stage as well.

The second level of due diligence is a thorough mapping of your current technology roadmap and a business analysis of which patents would protect your business the best. This analysis includes investigating your competitor’s patent portfolios, as well as future predictions of where the market may go.

If we do provide startup funding for your patents, we give you comprehensive due diligence reports. These documents explain to investors why your invention has large commercial value, and this becomes a key document within your funding due diligence package.

If you would like us to consider startup funding for your invention, please evaluate your invention using our due diligence spreadsheet. Also, please check out some of our posts on patent costs, patents that make business sense, and other blog posts.

You can schedule a time to talk with us here.