Finance a Stronger Portfolio at a Fraction of the Cost

BlueIron finances better, stronger patent portfolios for a fraction of the cost of hiring a patent attorney. Typical BlueIron clients can get two, three, or more times the patents than if they paid the average patent attorney, and without having to dedicate a person to manage the portfolio, direct the patent attorneys, and make difficult strategic decisions along the way.

BlueIron’s patent portfolios are completely focused on increasing the value of your company through identifying and prosecuting commercially-relevant patents. The fat is trimmed so that each patent in a BlueIron portfolio has a distinct economic value, something that you do not get when you hire the typical patent attorney and manage the portfolio yourself.

You recognize that your patent assets are important, but the long term strategic value of those assets is often forgotten or lost amongst the day to day struggles of building a product, getting market traction, and generally running a business. BlueIron becomes your internal patent manager who has a vested interest in the long term success of the assets.

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