Finance a Stronger Portfolio at a Fraction of the Cost

BlueIron finances better, stronger patent portfolios for a fraction of the cost of hiring a patent attorney.

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Typical BlueIron clients get much, much stronger patents than if they paid the average patent attorney. 

BlueIron has skin in the game.  We can’t afford to do bad patents.

BlueIron’s patent portfolios are completely focused on increasing the value of your company. The fat is trimmed so that each patent in a BlueIron portfolio has a distinct economic value, something that you do not get when you hire the typical patent attorney and manage the portfolio yourself.

The first problem you have is the attorney/client relationship. Even though your attorney is a great person and wants to do a great job for you, there is a point that they cannot cross: they cannot give you real business advice.

For one example: Problems Caused by the Attorney/Client Relationship

The result: the client gets way too many bad patents because they don’t have the experience base to know which are good or which are bad. The client doesn’t know, for example, that including the word “invention” in a patent application is bad. They don’t realize that manufacturing method claims are not only worthless, they are hurtful to their company.

The client needs someone with experience in patent finance, patent loans, patent insurance, but most of all the business end of patents. This is the most important piece of the puzzle – and the one thing your attorney cannot bring to the table.

The second problem: money. Money wasted on bad patents is money thrown away. The dirty little secret about patents is that most are worthless.

Startups have a very expensive cost of capital according to Pepperdine (download their report here). With the cost of capital hovering between 30-50% per year, BlueIron offers financing in the 15% range. It is always a sin to use equity to do a job that debt can do.

With BlueIron’s patent financing, startups get a professionally managed portfolio intentionally designed to make them successful. At a cost that is much less than if they wandered through the dark patent forest alone, using precious capital to learn very expensive lessons about IP.