National Family Support finds help with BlueIron

(Loveland, CO) National Family Support, Inc announces its first patent filed through BlueIron.

Family Support Services of South Carolina

National Family Support is rolling out a suite of services for managing child support payments. “With billions of dollars of delinquent child support payments nationally, we provide loans to parents who are behind – and we guarantee all future payments. This means money goes right to the children it needs to help,” says Dee Benedict, President of Family Support of South Carolina, Inc.

“Our IP portfolio let’s us grow nationwide to address the child support crisis,” says Frank Kristan, president of National Family Support, Inc., “It is all about the children – and BlueIron makes this possible.”

“Financial technology or ‘fintech’ is a difficult field to get valuable patents,” says Russ Krajec, CEO of BlueIron. “Our investment came after a lot of due diligence and study of the marketplace and existing IP. National Family Support’s innovation solves a huge problem in a very creative and protectable way.”

National Family Support’s program separates a non-custodial parent’s responsibility of child support payments with the custodial parent’s need for reliability and consistency. A parent who is required to pay child support can apply for a loan for delinquent payments, which is immediately paid to the custodial parent. Going forward, the custodial parent’s payments are guaranteed.

About Family Support:

Family Support of South Carolina, Inc., is a private service company organized to assist in the financing of child support payments. National Family Support, Inc. is its parent company.

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About BlueIron:

BlueIron provides patent-related financing for companies ranging from startups to publicly traded companies. BlueIron finances the cost to create IP portfolios, insures those portfolios for enforcement and defense, and can provide $2-5M loans using IP as collateral.

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