Loans for Your Patents

Yes, you can borrow against your patents. BlueIron can provide loans of $2 to 50M or more using only your patents as collateral.

Your company is based on your creative ideas, which you have protected with your patents. But if those patents have value, can I loan against them?

Yes, you can!

BlueIron has an insurance product – similar to mortgage insurance – where the lender is guaranteed to be made whole in the case of a default. This product removes the risk from the lender and places the risk on the insurance underwriters.

The net result is that your patents – your innovations – are valuable enough to fund your company.

How does it work?

The loans are an insurance product where we write an insurance policy that pays off lender. This is similar to mortgage insurance, where a default will trigger the insurance policy, which pays off the bank or other lender.