Due Diligence and IP Valuation Webinar

The Angel Capital Association hosted a webinar on Due Diligence and IP Valuation. In this webinar, I discussed an IP-backed loan for Ivani, who has an extensive IP portfolio.

Note that this is a public version of our analysis of Ivani’s portfolio.

We have an investor-specific due diligence package which is available for accredited/qualified investors. To get a copy, please email russ.krajec@blueironip.com directly, or set up a call with Russ using this page.

Key Highlights:

The company is very well managed and has tremendous upside with their technology. An IP-backed loan makes a lot of sense for their immediate needs.

The IP is extraordinarily large and diverse. When analyzed using several different analysis tools, their IP has AAA rating and over $100M valuation. In the webinar, we discuss several different scenarios for their IP and the recovery value that may be possible in those scenarios.

IP valuation is always based on revenue, but also based on specific scenarios for putting the IP to use. A “fire sale” scenario will be different from an enforcement play, where we attempt to recover from past infringement. And that scenario will be different from a forward-looking licensing play, where we license the technology going forward.

This webinar should give you a good sense of the types of analyses we perform in a due diligence process and touches on many factors that entrepreneurs, angel investors, and venture capital investors might want to consider when building or investing in companies with intellectual property.