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Angel Funding Through BlueIron

BlueIron acts as an angel investor, co-investing in your company. The big difference: BlueIron does not dilute your shares. BlueIron invests, on average, $40,000 for each patent your company has. If you do 5 patents, BlueIron will invest about $200,000. If you have 10 patents, BlueIron invests about $400,000. BlueIron’s investment goes into assets that… Read more »

Financing Patents for a pre-Angel or pre-Seed Startup

Getting a patent before funding is a “chicken and egg” problem that BlueIronIP can solve. As a budding entrepreneur, you need patent protection before talking about your ideas – but you need to talk about your ideas to raise money. At the pre-Angel or pre-seed stage, a company typically has very little capital, so BlueIronIP… Read more »

Renting Your Patents – How does that work?

What does it mean to “rent” my patents? Isn’t it better to own them? BlueIron’s financing allows you to “rent” your patents by having an exclusive license to the patents. This gives you all the legal benefits of owning the patents, such as being able to enforce the patents, license and sublicense the patents, keep… Read more »

Patents Make Your Company More Valuable to Acquirers

Good patents make your company more valuable. A well-crafted and curated patent portfolio has patents that make your company much more valuable to an acquirer. When curating a portfolio, BlueIron often targets potential acquirers. We look for where the market will move, how competitors tend to operate, and target inventions that will likely be useful… Read more »

Patents Make Your Company More Valuable Going Into Financing Rounds

Good patents make your company much more valuable when raising money. A patent portfolio increases your value when raising money. A strong portfolio sends a signal to investors that you are sophisticated, understand the marketplace, and mean to be a strong competitor in the marketplace. The stronger your patent portfolio, the more of an “unfair… Read more »

Patents Give You Opportunites for Outbound Licensing

Patents are business tools Patents are useful only when they give your business options that increase your chances for success. Patents can be “trading cards” for negotiations. A competitor that might sue you for infringing their patents are quickly settled with a cross license of your patents. Part of crafting a good portfolio is building… Read more »

Patents Give You Defensible Space in Your Market

A well crafted patent portfolio can give you a defensible space in the marketplace. A good portfolio will cover the key elements of your current products, plus your next several generations of products. A solid, defensible space in the marketplace will greatly increase your business opportunities. Having “patent pending” on your products and advertising sends… Read more »

Licensing Patents as Part of Your Overall Patent Strategy

Outbound licensing is one option with a good patent portfolio. One or more patents can be developed for a licensing strategy in conjunction with or separate from a company’s main product. There are some technologies that are so large that one company may not have the resources to bring the technology to market or where the… Read more »

Defensive Patent Strategies

Patents and patent applications are very effective marketing tools and deterrents to competitors. When a patent application is filed, a product may be properly marked as “patent pending.” This marking serves two very important functions. In a general marking sense, the “patent pending” or “patented” markings indicate to consumers that the product is unique and cannot… Read more »

Patents Help Sell Your Company

When building a patent portfolio with the intent to sell a company, the main audience is not potential infringers, but the acquiring company. Depending on the situation, the acquiring company may have any of several different reasons for the acquisition. For example, the acquiring company may be looking to add an existing product to its product… Read more »