Better Patents

What does a good patent application look like?

Good patents are NOT written in “legalese”. I had a telephone interview with a patent examiner a while ago and in the course of the interview, the examiner said that he really liked my patent application because I did not try to hide the ball with the invention. I was originally taught to write patent…

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Curating Inventions in the Invention Disclosure Meeting – Myopia

Since BlueIron has a vested interest in the quality and economic value of your patents – it is the only collateral that BlueIron uses – we NEED patents to be high quality. The single biggest event that determines commercial value is the invention disclosure meeting. If inventors see their inventions as too small, the resulting…

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BlueIron has a Vested Interest in Your Business

BlueIron’s interests are more aligned with your business interest than your patent attorney’s interests. How does the patent attorney tell if your invention is “good”? It only depends on whether your check clears the bank. BlueIron actually cares if your patent has real commercial value. Because your inventions are the only collateral BlueIron has for…

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Patent Prosecution Highway

The fastest and best way to get your patents: The Patent Prosecution Highway. The Patent Prosecution Highway is a program available at many patent offices around the world that put your patent application on a fast track to issue. BlueIron consistently gets US patents issued within 12-18 months using the PPH, and has extensive experience…

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Expert Portfolio Curation

Selecting the right inventions for patent coverage makes all the difference in whether your patent assets will be commercially useful. BlueIron has years of experience in curating portfolios, and uses several sophisticated metrics to help identify which inventions will be successful in defending your company’s marketplace, suitable for outbound licensing, or otherwise helpful in your…

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Patents that Protect a Business Advantage

A good patent is one that protects a business advantage. I often ask entrepreneurs to tell me your competitive advantage – what is the weakness in the market that you are going to exploit? This can be one or many market weaknesses. For example, a competitive advantage is that your product is “easy to use”.…

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