Patent Prosecution Highway

The fastest and best way to get your patents: The Patent Prosecution Highway.

The Patent Prosecution Highway is a program available at many patent offices around the world that put your patent application on a fast track to issue.

BlueIron consistently gets US patents issued within 12-18 months using the PPH, and has extensive experience with the program. One big benefit of patent prosecution highway is that BlueIron believes that the patents issue with much higher quality, as both the applicant and examiners have extra incentives in the program.

The patent prosecution highway requires a favorable search from some patenting authority. BlueIron prefers to use a favorable search report from a Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) application. This serves two purposes: it gets a fast search with immediate feedback on the invention’s quality, and starts the international patent process.

Why don’t most people use the patent prosecution highway? It can be expensive in a hurry.

What does a patent actually cost?

Expediting a patent compresses the total cost of getting the patent into a few short months. Rather than dragging out the back and forth with the patent examiner over many years, the PPH allows you to cram many Office actions into a few months. Contrary to popular opinion, clients *hate* paying their patent attorneys, and PPH cases can rack up huge patent prosecution bills in a hurry.

BlueIron’s CEO has personally filed over 70 PCT-PPH applications in the last two years, and has extensive experience in getting high quality patents issued quickly.

Because BlueIron finances patents for its clients, BlueIron – not the client – picks up the cost of all the back-and-forth with the examiner. It is in our best interest to get patents quickly, so we pay for the expediting costs and make sure the patent has commercial value.