What does patent insurance cost?

Patent insurance comes in two basic forms: patent enforcement and patent defense.  Enforcement is where someone infringes your patent and you need to enforce your rights.  Defense is when someone else accuses you of infringing their patents.  This can be a competitor or a patent troll. Enforcement insurance typically costs about 1% per year of…

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Why does BlueIron include an arbitration clause in its contracts?

We hope we don’t have any arbitration or any lawsuits, ever. However, our agreements are legal documents, and legal documents are written with lawsuits in mind. As we considered this option, it mainly came down to two things: speed and cost. Litigation is costly and time consuming. After examining arbitration as an option, we decided…

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Can BlueIron take control of the patents?

Just like with a mortgage on your house, BlueIron has no ability to affect what you do with the patents you finance. You have full *control* of the assets, even though the title is held by someone else.

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