Patents in a Business Context

Why patents as a “lottery ticket” is a losing proposition. A business owner makes hard business decisions, especially when it comes to IP.  There is only so much money and so much time, so how do you decide? Patents represent enormous potential value, and they feel like a lottery ticket.  The risk to reward –…

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Valuable patents solve contradictions

Amazon’s One-Click patent is the epitome of “non-obviousness” Inventions are not obvious – they have to solve some kind of contradiction.  This idea holds true for businesses.  Startups that can solve a contradiction in the market have a particular advantage – and so do patents. One of the most talked-about inventions 10 or 15 years…

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Why Marketing Is More Important than Patents

Entrepreneurs have been fed this lie that the first thing they need to do is get a patent, then work on the business. This is a bad strategy. As an investor who finances IP for startups, I want some data to support the investment in patents. The best strategy is to do the marketing first,…

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Why Your Patent Attorney Does Not Want Your Patent To Be Granted

There is a perverse incentive for your patent attorney to *not* get your patent allowed. It is called “money.” Clients are at the mercy of their patent attorneys. For small companies who do not have inhouse patent counsel, they outsource their patents to outside counsel who have a financial incentive to keep a patent pending…

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Join an Accelerator – and Lose Your Intellectual Property

Companies that join accelerators, incubators, coworking spaces, CEO roundtables, etc. are at a huge risk of losing their IP – just because they participate. Most patent valuation analysts will remove 50% or more of the value of a company’s patent just because they were in an accelerator. Lose *half* of your most valuable asset –…

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