Disclosure Meetings

Data Driven Patents

Updated April 2021. The patent system requires that we look ahead and guess the future.  If we are right, there is a huge reward.  This process can be powerfully addictive, as it is the same psychology as lottery tickets. Patents are bets that the marketplace will adopt a technology.  The interesting characteristic is that the…

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Considering Constraints When Evaluating Patentable Ideas

When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Every invention has a set of constraints, and it is imperative to uncover and evaluate them when considering patenting. This applies to an inventor or business manager who is trying to ferret out ideas contained in a new product as well as the…

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Curating Inventions in the Invention Disclosure Meeting – Myopia

Since BlueIron has a vested interest in the quality and economic value of your patents – it is the only collateral that BlueIron uses – we NEED patents to be high quality. The single biggest event that determines commercial value is the invention disclosure meeting. If inventors see their inventions as too small, the resulting…

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