Inventing and “feeling it”

It is easy to think you were an inventor when you really were not. When I was an engineer at HP, I wrote up 3-4 invention disclosures before a meeting, where we were going to discuss a new product.  At the meeting, I pitched a couple of the ideas *I had already submitted* for patenting. …

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National Family Support finds help with BlueIron

(Loveland, CO) National Family Support, Inc announces its first patent filed through BlueIron. National Family Support is rolling out a suite of services for managing child support payments. “With billions of dollars of delinquent child support payments nationally, we provide loans to parents who are behind – and we guarantee all future payments. This means…

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Automed Gets Investment from BlueIron

Automed, Inc., the world’s leader in medication delivery for livestock based in Ames, Iowa, announces a patent financing arrangement with BlueIron of Loveland, Colorado. “We are able to get better patent protection and grow the company at the same time” says David Edwards, CEO of Automed. “Our patent expenses were getting ridiculously high, and we…

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Effects of COVID-19 on Patents – Twice The Number of Abandonments

As companies hunker down for the effects of the COVID-19 virus, they are abandoning their IP protection at TWICE the normal rate. And it is likely to go up much further. AND this has never happened before. BlueIron’s study looked at recent USPTO abandonments to see what, if any, effects were from COVID-19. The results…

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1% Patent – 99% Execution

Note: this is an excerpt from my forthcoming book “Startup IP Strategy.” As we all know, business is usually 10% idea and 90% execution.  The successful companies rarely have the single best product on the market, but they do have successful execution. Startup companies – and any business with a new product – spend more…

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How Big Law Hurts Startups

Many inventors and entrepreneurs like to tout their relationship with a Big Law Firm.  It is too bad they do not know how the sausage gets made.  Touting that Big Law wrote your patents is not a badge of quality I review countless patents for startup companies and talk to lots of entrepreneurs. One of…

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