Curating a Portfolio

Mapping an Invention to Competitor’s Products

Due Diligence for Patents – Comparing Inventions to Competitor’s Products. Inventions with external business value will map to competitors or to potential outside licensees. These patents might not map directly to your products, but are assets that make your company more attractive to acquisition, and give you leverage in negotiating with a competitor. These assets…

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Mapping an Invention to an Internal Product Roadmap

Due Diligence for Patents – Comparing your invention to an internal product roadmap. Inventions with internal business value will map to your internal product roadmap. These patents are used to protect your products from direct copying and create a defensible space for you to operate. There are two main factors to consider for this analysis:…

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Considering Constraints When Evaluating Patentable Ideas

When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Every invention has a set of constraints, and it is imperative to uncover and evaluate them when considering patenting. This applies to an inventor or business manager who is trying to ferret out ideas contained in a new product as well as the…

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Curating Inventions in the Invention Disclosure Meeting – Myopia

BlueIron has a vested interest in the quality and economic value of your patents – it is the only collateral that BlueIron uses. The single biggest event that determines commercial value is the invention disclosure meeting. If inventors see their inventions as too small, the resulting patent leaves much of the value on the table.…

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Protecting a Product With Patents

Most companies get patent protection to protect a product.  This is the first line of defense and is the most simplistic manner to use patents.  In this case, the business interest is two fold.  The primary goal is to prevent competitors from directly infringing the product going out the door and the secondary goal is to set…

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Expert Portfolio Curation

Selecting the right inventions for patent coverage makes all the difference in whether your patent assets will be commercially useful. BlueIron has years of experience in curating portfolios, and uses several sophisticated metrics to help identify which inventions will be successful in defending your company’s marketplace, suitable for outbound licensing, or otherwise helpful in your…

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