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So you have a patent…now what?

BlueIron treats your patent as an asset – not a liability. It is not just a plaque on the wall.

BlueIron will finance your patent portfolio, so you can build a strong asset base for selling your company, defending your turf, or licensing your technology.

BlueIron sells patent enforcement and defense insurance – pre-paid legal fees for asserting your patent or defending you from inbound lawsuits.

Lastly, BlueIron can arrange $2-5M loans using your patents as collateral. Grow your business – without diluting your investors.

Please note:

We do not work with independent inventors or companies at the “idea” stage. We typically work with companies who have outside investment and are working – full time – to bring a product to market. We will not invest in patents where the primary model is to license technology without doing the heavy lifting of manufacturing and selling the product.

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