IP Insurance – Protecting Your Investment

Your patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets can be protected from infringers for an affordable cost.

Do you worry that even if you got a patent that you would not be able to protect it? With BlueIron’s IP Insurance, you have the ability to enforce your IP and protect your business.

What Does It Cost?

For startup companies, $500K of IP insurance typically costs $5-7K/year. We offer limits up to $5M and higher on request.

Who Controls Any Enforcement?

You have full control of any enforcement. If there is a lawsuit, you control the lawsuit and any settlement.

Can We Use Our Own Patent and Trademark Attorneys?

Absolutely. You pick your attorneys and manage your assets as you see fit. We offer complementary 3rd party review and feedback of your IP and strategy.

Can We Use Our Own Litigation Attorneys?

Yes, so long as your attorney has first-chair IP trail experience in Federal Court. However, we offer a discount if you use our attorneys, who have first-chair IP trial experience in Federal Court who have proven to be effective and efficient. You still control the lawsuit, even when you use our attorneys.

Who Underwrites the Insurance?

Our policies are underwritten by IPISC of Louisville, KY, who is a coverholder for Lloyd’s of London and Nationwide, two class A insurance carriers. IPISC has insured startup companies who have taken patent infringement cases to the US Supreme Court – and lived to tell about it.

Additional Lines of Coverage Available

  • Defensive coverage of alleged infringement on other people’s patents.
  • Patent troll defense.
  • Collateral Protection Insurance – allows you to use your patents as collateral for a loan.

Find Out More

Give Russ a call at 970.776.4355. We are always happy to chat with inventors and startup CEOs. If we cannot help you, we will direct you to someone who can.
You can download a one-page brochure here:

One Page Brochure

1. These are the highlights. Please see a Specimen Policy for all terms and conditions. This material in no way changes the terms or effects of the Policy language nor is it meant to replace Policy language.
2. Actual price determined after underwriting, and some higher-than-moderate risks may be priced higher.
3. Your litigation attorney cannot be the same attorney that prepared and prosecuted your patent.