IP Insurance by BlueIron

All of your intellectual property - patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets - can be protected with affordable insurance products.

Enforcement insurance gives you the power to go after infringers who steal your patented invention or copy your trademarks.  Defense insurance protects you when someone sues you.

Startup companies especially do not have the money to spend on patent enforcement, and could be put out of business with an incoming lawsuit.  These insurance products protect the company and are essentially pre-paid legal fees for these special cases.

Many startup companies operate in very perilous intellectual property regimes.  They may be unknowingly stepping on patents held by a big competitor or by a nefarious patent troll.

Disruptive startup companies who are breaking new ground WILL have copycats.  That is why you get patents to cover your innovations.

Patent enforcement insurance will give you pre-paid legal fees so that you can go after those infringers.  You have full control over the enforcement, and you can get a license, have them cease and desist, or do take some other action as you - and only you - decide.

Enforcement Insurance

Enforcement insurance is pre-paid legal fees so that you can enforce your patent against a competitor or other infringer.

Most startup companies wonder how they will ever be able to enforce their patents if a competitor were to start infringing.  With patent enforcement insurance, all of that is taken care of.  The insurance policy will kick in, paying for your attorneys, court costs, and other expenses to go after the infringers.

With patent enforcement insurance, you decide how to enforce your patents.  This is critical, because you might want your competitor to cease-and-desist OR you might want them to take a license.  Either way, you decide what is best for your company and all the legal fees are paid by the insurance.

This is a big difference from using contingency fee firms to assert your patents.  Contingency fee firms will take a huge percentage of anything recovered (typically 40% or more), but this is paid AFTER attorney's fees and expenses.  So if they spend $500,000 on attorney's fees and collect $600,000 total, you would only receive $50,000 for your troubles.

With patent enforcement insurance, you keep whatever you collect.

Defense Insurance

Defense insurance protects you from in-bound litigation.

Defense insurance protects you from competitors, patent trolls, or anyone else who thinks you infringe their patents.  In many cases, these lawsuits are nuisance suits, where they light up a lawsuit to extract some amount less than the total cost of a lawsuit.  A typical troll may want $500,000 from you to make them go away.

With defense insurance, you can choose to fight them or settle.  Either way, your expenses, including settlement fees, are paid out of the insurance policy.

With either patent enforcement or patent defense policies, you control the litigation.

You also can use your attorneys - or use some of our vetted law firms.  We require that your attorney have first-chair experience in these types of litigation, so we want only the most qualified attorneys representing you.