When financing my patent, what is a buyout option?

With every BlueIron patent financing program, you always have a buyout option.

The buyout option allows you to buyout BlueIron at a predetermined price at any time.  Some people exercise the buyout after three months, some at three years, and some people choose to keep paying.

The buyout option is at a predefined price.  You will know exactly what the buyout price will be at any time.  We do NOT take a percentage of the “value” of the asset or anything like that.

BlueIron’s patent financing is based on financing the cost of a patent at about a 15% interest rate.  This is a little cheaper than credit card financing, but much cheaper than angel or venture financing.  As you probably know, angel or VC financing is equivalent to 50% or more per year.  

By financing the patents with BlueIron, you are spending less money up front, but BlueIron is taking the risk that the patents are valuable.