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Patents Give You Defensible Space in Your Market

A well crafted patent portfolio can give you a defensible space in the marketplace. A good portfolio will cover the key elements of your current products, plus your next several generations of products. A solid, defensible space in the marketplace will greatly increase your business opportunities. Having “patent pending” on your products and advertising sends…

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Defensive Patent Strategies

Patents and patent applications are very effective marketing tools and deterrents to competitors. When a patent application is filed, a product may be properly marked as “patent pending.” This marking serves two very important functions. In a general marking sense, the “patent pending” or “patented” markings indicate to consumers that the product is unique and cannot…

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Patents for Defending Your Company

Many entrepreneurs and business owners want patents that will defend their company against competitors, but few companies actually have a proactive plan for investing their patent assets wisely. To defend your company, you want patents that are (1) litigation worthy and (2) relate directly to your company’s products and services. Litigation worthy patents are not…

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