Pre-Filing Business Analysis
Evaluate Inventions for Patenting Using BlueIron's Analysis Model
A preliminary analysis of your business plan and inventions, identifying the business cases (or not) for patent coverage.
Applies the BlueIron due diligence principles to your business and your inventions.
Identify how your inventions could be monetized.
First pass at a business strategy for your patents.
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Patent Financing
per month
Affordable patent financing for Startups
Pricing is based on the risk profile of your business, technology, and competitive landscape.
A full, investment-grade due diligence workup, including analysis of all your patentable inventions.
Patent drafting and filing.
When available, PCT filing with Patent Prosecution Highway in the US. This often results in issued patents within 12 months.
Payment of all attorney's fees, USPTO fees, PCT fees, maintenance fees, etc.
Professional management of the patent portfolio.
Full access to BlueIron experts at any stage.
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