Request for Help – Book Launch

Request for Help

My first book “Investing In Patents” is launching on World Intellectual Property Day (April 26). The book explains the BlueIron investment philosophy and various techniques we use for evaluating inventions, then curating “investment-grade” patents for our portfolio companies.


This book is not the standard book on patents.  It begins with the premise that the patent system has been abused over and over, but there is a better way.  Good, clean, readable, understandable patents that have real business value are “investment-grade” patents.

I look at the interactions and motivations between all the parties, including the inventors, their CEOs, patent attorneys, examiners, and investors, and help investors identify problems and help steer their investment companies in the right direction.

I also go into some tools for putting a value on an invention and a patent – things that need to be done during due diligence, and look at problem areas such as provenance and inventorship.

I am writing to ask you, my friends and readers, for help in promoting the book. Here are ways you can help:

  • You can read an early version and provide feedback prior to release.
  • Read a final (or nearly final) version and put a review on Amazon or review it on your blog.
  • If you have a podcast – or know someone who does – I would be happy to be a guest.
  • If you organize an event, from a monthly meetup to a large conference, I would be happy to speak about how the patent system is broken, but how startups can still navigate it without wasting their time and money.

The book is available on Amazon for pre-order here.

Please contact me directly at russ.krajec@blueironip.com with any offers to help or suggestions.  I will be more than happy to send a signed copy of the book after it is released.

I will be posting sections of the book and doing other promotions as we get closer to launch, so stay tuned for more details.